Nothing But Nice : Jersey Shore Quotes S5E5

Vinny’s back. All is back to normal, except Mike makes the extra effort to be especially nice to everyone in the house but feels like everyone is still plotting against him. Snooki meanwhile struggles with nature’s call. The cast members later play a joke on Snooki who has the memory of a fish, according to Ronnie.

Sammi “Sweetheart”: We barged into Vinny’s house like we were a SWAT team.


Pauly D : I got my boyfriend back! I get the smush room!

Vinny : I’m trying to get laid tonight!

Deena : Merp, Merp, Merrrp, Merrrp, MERP! We needed Vinny back in this house.

Snooki : [Speaking and looking at herself in the mirror] Don’t judge me!

Mike “The Situation”: [Getting tattoes on forearms saying] Loyalty and Betrayal. Yeah, so [I] always remember who [had my] back and

who didn’t.

Ronnie: Mike knows nothing about loyalty and knows everything about betrayal.

Snooki : I f******* peed on myself. [at club Karma]. I got excited dancing with my girls and I legit peed myself. Don’t tell anybody.

Snooki : I need perfume… Honestly, I don’t care… that’s still considered a shower [spraying lots of perfume on self].

Snooki : Don’t call me dirty. I’m not dirty. I smell phenomenal.

Deena : [to Vinny] I Love You! | Vinny: All right. | Deena: Say it back.

Snooki : Party foul times ten. [throwing her underwear into trash]

Deena : I got electrocuted. Does that mean you get all f**** up? | Sammi: What do you mean?

Deena : I think wall electrocutions are electronic. | Sammi: You just got a little zap.

Pauly D : If you look up the word too much swag in the dictionary… It’ll be a great big picture of my face.

Snooki : OMG! I should be on the fashion runway.

Snooki : Something funky is going on. Like, I can’t control my bladder.

Snooki : UTI doesn’t stand for Ultimate Tanning Institute…

Snooki : I have UTI and it hurts like balls … Or I’m pregnant.

Deena : We’re actually dressed pretty well. Nothing’s showing.

Pauly D : [talking to Ronnie] You can’t play baseball. You have too much bicep.

Snooki : [at batting cage] I hate balls thrown at me. I just want them in my …

Snooki and Deena: Fun Cab! You’re in the fun cab! [jumping up and down]

Mike “The Situation”: Gym, Tan, I need some Clearasil.

Jenni “JWOWW”: All I see is Mike’s pants unzipped and his wiener barely hanging out. What the hell is going on?

Vinny : I swear to god it’s talking to me bro.

Jenni “JWOWW”: That’s why I’m weirded out and starting at Ronnie

Mike “The Situation”: I feel like it’s time to be bad. Instead of “The Situation” it’s “The Confrontation”

Deena : I’m going to lure them in, and she’ll ransack them. Is that a word? Ransack?

Pauly D : Snooki is this super sex crazed bunny. Scary.

Ronnie: It’s a memory game and we know Snooki has the memory span of a fish.

Snooki : This is a weird game but I’ll play it.

Pauly D : Snooki is covered in back soot and it’s the best day of my life.

Deena : Mike is definetly Jekyll and Hyde.

Mike “The Situation”: We’re finding out who the real trouble maker is … and it’s Snooki.