Anna – Snooki for Halloween last year

My name is Annalisa but I like to be called Anna. 100% Italian and I’m probably the biggest Jersey Shore fan you’ll ever meet, ask anyone I know. I’ve been a supporter since day one. I could be a cast member because I live GTL, I’m DTF and DTS, FPC is my motto, and I’m apart of the GFA. I’ve met Snooki and Jwoww, seen the entire cast film the last episode of Season 5, and watched them all leave the house. I was Snooki for halloween last year and if I do say so myself, I looked friggen’ amazing. This year I plan to be Deena. People say I look exactly like Snooki-one of the greatest compliments one could get. I dress and feel like a guidette. Fistpumping is my thing. My room is decked out in Jersey Shore from quotes on my wall, to pictures, to a Jersey Shore calendar. This show is my life and I have no idea what my life would be like without it, this show has taught me how to live and i live my life just like the cast.

– Anna

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Not Jersey Shore Material

Jersey Shore Expressions, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Definitions, GTL, DTF, FTD, DTF, GFA, IFF, GFF, MIA

What does GTL mean? What does DTF stand for? Jersey Shore Definitions, Expressions, Abbreviations, GTL, GFF, GFA, DTF, FTD, IFF, DTS, MIA, MVP all explained. Expressions made famous by Nicole “Snooki”, DJ Pauly D, Jenni “JWOWW”, and the rest of Jersey Shore Cast!

What does GTL mean?

Gym, Tanning, Laundry

Example: Make sure you GTL before you hit the clubs.


What does FTD stand for?

Fresh To Death

Example: You gotta stay FTD.

What does GFA mean?

Grenade Free America

Example: My dream is to live in a GFA.

What does GFF stand for?

Grenade Free Foundation

Example: Be sure to support your local GFF.

What does IFF stand for?

I’m F*cked Foundation

Example: If you cheat on your girl, in public, you’re officially in the IFF.

What does DTF stand for?

Down To F*ck

Example: I’m not looking to get married, I just want a girl who’s DTF.

What does DTS stand for?

Down To Snuggle

Example: Some nights I’m DTS.. even if she’s a grenade.

What does MIA stand for?

Miami, FL

What does MVP stand for?

Mike, Vinny, Pauly

Example: Tonight’s gonna be an MVP night.

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