One Meatball Stands Alone – Season 5 Episode 10

Mike told Jionni… and… nothing. Jionni is very trusting of his now soon-to-be wife. Although Jionni brushed it off, Snooki didn’t! She exploded and a full on food fight erupted. Could it be guilty anger?? Mike isn’t Snooki’s only relationship on the rocks. Deena seems to have been pushed to the side now that Jionni is in the picture and Deena is starting to feel the pain of rejection. Oh yeah, and how could we forget, while most of the roommates went camping, Pauly and Vinny stayed behind.. and FLIPPED THE HOUSE INSIDE OUT!!

Mike “The Situation”: Another man tells you that your girl cheated on you, and you don’t say nothing at all.

Jionni: Did I rise? Snooki: Did you? (feeling Jionni)

Ronnie: It’s like, how you doing, Jionni, this morning? Bacon, egg, and cheese? Your girl blew me… ok awesome. (about Mike)

Snooki : Actually no because I want you to go f#$king die and rot in a hole. Mike: That’s not very nice Nicole.

Mike “The Situation”: Don’t throw those pickles, they’re fresh. (to Snooki)

Pauly D : In Jionni’s head right now, he won’t say this because he’s a pu$$y, but, ‘I don’t give a $h!t who she bangs I’m banging everybody on my side anyway’.

Mike “The Situation”: They’re meant to be, he took it on the chin just like she did.

Snooki : Me and Jionni are getting married I feel, when he proposes. And I don’t know when that is but he better do it within the future.

Snooki : Ok it’s on like Donkey Kong b!$ch.

Vinny : The food fight is not fun anymore, it is personal.

Pauly D : Watch my freshies, watch my freshies (as he lays on his shoes).

Mike “The Situation”: Listen, I can’t hear you your mouth is full of s$!t kinda like another time.

Vinny : All the sudden my name gets brought into the conversation… Like what th f#$k did we do?

Snooki : I feel like I still smell like ketchup.

Snooki : A bonjo. Deena: Yeah like a banjo. Snooki: A bango.

Pauly D : Sometimes you gotta put sleeping aside bro, get your GTL on.

Vinny : Deena, sit down here you little b!$ch.

Vinny : That’s right, you ask him, then he asks me, then I tell you.


Pauly D : Busted, big time, you’re dead (when Jenni’s on the phone with Joey).

Pauly D : My man Vinny um felt hungry, and wanted a big snack. Because he wanted a little bit of a thicker chick I guess. I wanted to back up my man, so I brought home two chicks just in case.

Vinny : I choose to stick with the thick girl over the cute girl that Pauly brings home because hot girls are boring a lot of the times. They sit there, ‘I’m hot I don’t have to do anything’, I want some variety in my diet.

Pauly D : I’m not into the whole, sleeping outside, no bathroom, no mirror, can’t do my blowout.

Pauly D : Me and Vinny just wanted the house to ourselves, because we’re gonna prank the s@#t outta them.

Ronnie: You got some uh, camping tents?

Mike “The Situation”: It takes a lot to pitch my tent.

Ronnie: Mike’s tent is immaculate, I can’t believe he has the brain span to actually build a good tent.

Ronnie: I’m from the Bronx, ok. The closest thing I see to people camping out side are homeless people.

Pauly D : This kiddy pool is no joke, but, team work makes the dream work.

Pauly D : Not bad for a DJ and a couple of t-shirt pressers.

Deena : Mike put down the freaking fire. He’s like one of those people, a hermaphrodite or whatever it is.

Jenni “JWOWW”: Are you in your paranoid state Mike?

Mike “The Situation”: I keep hearing noises. Jenni: Because we’re in the woods. Mike: That’s true.

Mike “The Situation”: There is no gym, there is no tanning salon, and you can’t do your laundry (about camping).

Pauly D : We changed the whole house inside out. We put the inside outside, the outside inside, the inside outside, the outside inside, so now our inside deck is now our outside deck and our outside deck is now our inside deck . Basically, we pranked the whole house. I told them not to go camping.

Vinny : This is where warriors are made of right here.

And The Wall Won – Season 4 Episode 5

The “big” fight has finally happened. Looks like they should have been airing commercials about Mike versus the Wall instead! Sammi and Ronnie are back at it and it seems like it is getting worse by the minute. Snooki and her boyfriend are getting along, but will it last? And as always, Pauly D and Vinnie are staying FTD. Season 4 in Italy is starting to heat up. Looks like the break did the cast good, they got along great for a while, but tensions are are starting to rise!

Mike “The Situation”: He didn’t hurt me, there was not one scratch on my pretty face. All those muscles, didn’t do s*#t too me (talking about fight with Ron)


Vinny : Your boy’s been waiting to do that for so long (to Pauly about Ron and Mike fight).

Pauly D : To be honest with you, he didn’t do s%&t really (about Ron fighting)

Pauly D : I don’t think either of them can fight. I mean I know Mike used to take karate and Ronnies got big muscles or whatever.

Pauly D : Mike knocked himself out. I think Mike tried to commit suicide by running his head up against the wall.

Mike “The Situation”: I hit my head against a concrete wall… it hurts.

Snooki : I’m like dude, I know you don’t want to feel like a low life and you got you’re a&$ beat, but you need to go to the hospital to make sure your f@#king ok.

Jenni “JWOWW”: I don’t want him to die (about mike).

Vinny : The craziest thing is that like he’s in the hospital and it wasn’t even from the fight.

Vinny : Like he f#*king knocked himself out into the wall… what the f@#k?!? (Talking about Mike).

Snooki : I used to get that all the time from cheerleading (talking about concussions). Vinny – you sure you didn’t get that when you blackedout drunk and fell? Snooki – well that happens too.

Sammi “Sweetheart”: Be honest all you want, but I just don’t want anything to do with you ever again in my entire life (to Ronnie).

Vinny : All this crazy s#$t is going on, you know I got roommates in the hospital, I got f@#king fights, I got psychological talks that I’m having with people, and I got florist calling me telling me that they have deliveries of flowers for the girls. It’s the last thing that I want to hear right now.

Florist – I call this afternoon. Vinny – yes, si. Florist – ok but uh… Vinny – graci (then hangs up).


Mike “The Situation”: The doc’s prognosis was a light concussion also combined with a neck sprain as well.

Mike “The Situation”: Yeah I’m all right, just a little head trauma little sprain, little this little that.

Mike “The Situation”: That’s not good because for the next couple days, I can’t GTL. I’m upset man.

Mike “The Situation”: The conflict between me and Ron is unsettled. At any time it could pop off. I won’t hesitate to fight him and he won’t hesitate to fight me because nobody got the better of each other in round one.

Snooki : it’s like cute adorable roses from Jionni and it has a little bunny inside, and I’m just like… meh.

Vinny : Now that we know that Mike had no serious problem and it was just like a blow to the head, our house kinda is back to normal, not that it’s a good normal, but if it wasn’t f%$ked up it wouldn’t be our house right.

Pauly D : What comes to mind when I think about Ron and Sam is like me throwing up.

Jionni – I’m sexually frustrated. Snooki – Are you, I was until I had fun in the shower then I was like buurrmm bye.


Snooki : I want your balls (to Jionni).

Mike “The Situation”: I didn’t even really listen to her apology too much because it is Sam’s fault we fought and I just went through a wall. I can’t hear that s&$t.

Mike “The Situation”: I have a big heart and if somebody else in the house was hurt, I’d be checking on them you know what I mean, but nobody was really checking on me really that much.

Jenni “JWOWW”: When I see Mike and his neck brace, I feel like he’s doing an insurance claim right now.

Pauly D : When I see Mike with his neck brace, I’m like oh my God he’s got his gasses on like always and the neck brace. You don’t wear sunglasses with a neck brace. He looks ridiculous.

Sammi “Sweetheart”: I was mature by putting stuff on Ron’s bed but throwing it out is going a little too far.

Snooki : Don’t leave without me or I’ll never talk to you guys again.

Ronnie: You alright? Mike “The Situation”: I didn’t realize that wall was so hard.

Mike “The Situation”: I try to be the peacemaker in this house. Even though I know we could fight at any instant, I still respect the kid.

Mike “The Situation”: I might as well get the pain out of the way now. (Talking about why he puts his head through walls in fights)

Mike “The Situation”: I didn’t know that s*&t was cement. That s&%t doesn’t even have a dent on it (talking about wall he head butted).

Ronnie: What? That doesn’t even make sense. I don’t think I would’ve put you in the hospital… the wall put you in the hospital. (Talking about Mike’s comments about banging his head on the wall)

Deena : I don’t know about you but I plan on drinking at this bar.

Ronnie: Mikes home still dealing with his issues and trying to find a way to apologize to the wall I guess.

Pauly D : It’s finally starting to feel like I’m out with single Ronnie. He’s got that look in his face like he’s gonna creep or whatever.

Pauly D : This guy’s wasted right now (pointing at Ronnie).

Pauly D : What’s up baby I’ll f!#k you up. What’s up baby let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it (to guy in club).

Pauly D : I think he was jealous I was dancing with that girl. Maybe it was his girlfriend that’s probably why.

Mike “The Situation”: Me and Snooks… she was a little mad at me I was a little mad at her, and after a trip to the hospital, we realize that at the end of the day we love each other so… I don’t think Nicole and Jionni are meant for each other.

Vinny : We’re trying to get Ronnie to push up on some girls in the club.

Vinny : If Ron brings another girl home Sammis gonna flip out cause that will just start another war, but a man has needs, what is he gonna wait, two months to do it? I don’t think so.

Ronnie: When I give you flowers, don’t ask me if I brought home another girl.

Sammi “Sweetheart”: I’m just all, I feel all f$&ked up in the head at this point.

Season 4 Preview Trailer

Here’s a sneak peak at Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy. Looks like there is some more drama between Snooki and Mike. Snooki and Mike? Anyways. Can’t wait for the season 4 to start, looks very promising. Snooki meets some nice cops, Mike and Ronnie get into a peaceful debate, and Mike becomes America’s ambassador to Italian ladies.


Check out Mike “The Situation” trying to intimidate Ronnie:

Btw, Here’s a nice photo of the cast having a Tea Party, which is really opposite of what Season 4 preview shows:

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