The Follow Game: Season 5 Episode 6

Relationships, relationships, relationships! Jenni’s having trouble in hers, Vinny’s trying to create one with a lesbionest, Deena’s sister and Mike’s brother are in one, and Pauly’s trying to avoid one with his stalker! More GTL and fist pumping on the shore!

Mike “The Situation”: We’re pretty much finding out who the real trouble maker is… and um… it’s Snooki.


Vinny : I’m taking a crap do you want to shower first?

Deena : Yeah, just go poop and then I’ll go to the shower.

Pauly D : Go poop and I’ll clean that s$!t up for you.

Deena : I hate seeing Jeeni sad, you know she’s been going through a rough time because she misses Rodger, and I know she’s breaking down, but at least she got her hair done, so that’s good.

Vinny : I kinda feel like I’m back in Italy, minus the armpit hair (talking about the packed club).

Vinny : I know that Deanna is probably a sure thing, but she’s still like a five or a six, during the weekend you’re looking for like a seven or an eight.

Vinny : This girl Nikki is like a straight up hot a$$ chick.

Deena : That one is a hundred times better than the other one (to Pauly about Vinny’s girl).

Deena : I’m definitely like the best wing woman ever, I’m dancing with this girl, I’m keeping her away from Vinny and the other girl. I feel like I’m an ultimate good time right now.

Snooki : Jenni left the club, I’m drunk right now and I have no idea what’s going on, so I just walk home.

Snooki : The boardwalk is kinda like a piece of cake when your drunk now because it’s nothing like the cobblestones.

Vinny : I’m feminine, I got soft features, you know what I mean? (to Nikki)

Vinny : I mean, I think I’m a good transition for a lesbian girl.

Vinny : She don’t like f#$king guys (about Nikki).

Ronnie: I mean you’re cute, but you’re not that cute (to Vinny).

Vinny : You got someone to f#$k tonight, you’re good (to Vinny).

Vinny : When you take a lesbian back to the straight team, that is like Christopher Columbus discovering America.

Ronnie: I want Deena on my team. She’s a good team player.

Snooki : I don’t feel good. I need a f#$king therapist, and I need AA meetings.

Snooki : Ouch, you hurt my eyeballs. The sun’s to powerful today.

Snooki : In Arkansas, it’s always dark out. So everything’s dark, always.

Snooki : Something’s going on in my stomach, it’s telling me to poop or throw up.

Pauly D : I got to work with two freaking meatballs, lucky I don’t make a sangwitch.

Deena : Whenever me and Nicole work together, we’re always bad news bears.

Deena : Think it’s gonna be meatball problems today.

Pauly D : Any major changes to the store you have to discuss with me bro (to Danny).

Snooki : No wait don’t run I’m gonna throw up.

Deena : I’m like whatever work get real, I’m over you today. Going to have some fun.

Pauly D : Danny: Alright Pauly, I’m gonna go look for those two f#$king dingbats right now (about the meatballs).

Deena : Right now Danny is being such an annoying.

Pauly D : Danny has no control over these meatballs whatsoever.

Pauly D : A brand new stocker, she’s crazy, HELP!

Pauly D : Man, it’s the stalker of all stalkers, I cannot look to my right without this girl being there.

Vinny : She wants to be a stalker, she don’t want to be your girls she like wants to be your stalker.

Deena : We should’ve been strippers.

Vinny : We think that she snuck a GPS system into Pauly’s blowout.

Pauly D : It’s a war out there as it is, but me and Vinny are putting grenades on each other.

Pauly D : Fair to say Vinny won this battle, but he will not win the war.

Mike “The Situation”: Right now I am keeping my friends close and my enemies’ closer.

Snooki : Yea we’re team crazypants.

Snooki : So how do you play? Ronnie: You get it in the hole. Snooki: That’s what she said.

Jenni “JWOWW”: How is there a pretzel in my makeup?

Pauly D : You saw Dina’s vag!n@.

Deena : I don’t know if I’m really pleased with being in Mike’s family, he’s been nice so far but, a leopard never sheds its stripes.

Deena : Till he proves me wrong, I will always be on my toes when it comes to Mike.

Fist Pump, Push-Ups, Chapstick – Season 4 Episode 6

Mike is starting to recover from his fight with the wall, Ron and Sam are getting along again, and there are two new roommates, Joey D (Pauly’s guido alter-ego) and Louie (Vinny’s guido alter-ego). Everything seems to be somewhat normal in the GTL household, but will it last?? Seems like everyone is trying to get Snooki to break up with Jionni, but she is in love with him, will Ron and Sam really be able to stay together without fighting, and how will things play out with Mike’s constant drama and the rest of the house dealing with it? Italy is where it’s at right now!!


Mike “The Situation”: At least I know from now on not to bang my head into a wall anymore.

Mike “The Situation”: I feel helpless, I can’t eat, I can’t GTL, I’m upset man.

Pauly D : Mike’s neckbrace, it’s kinda funny. He’s moping around, he’s wasting his time in Italy. Stop milking that s%#t.

Vinny : Can you see me I’m over here, now I’m over here, I’m over here (making fun of Mike with Pauly D).

Vinny : Don’t be fu#$ing dramatic. Vinny and Pauly together: Drama freak.

Melissa (Mike’s sister): listen to me, you ran into a wall, that’s a crazy move (to Mike).

Pauly D : You got your neck brace bro? (to Vinny)

Jenni “JWOWW”: There was not one injury on him from the fight, so he did it to himself.

Jenni “JWOWW”: I feel like, how can you get sympathy on a self inflicted injury?

Mike “The Situation”: Like I don’t know who the f#$k I thought I was, but I ran into a concrete wall.

Snooki : It smells like pig butt.

Snooki : Priest: can you cover your body please when you come in front of church (to Snooki). Snooki: shut up… a$$hole!

Snooki : The priest was like, cover up when you come to my church, or he basically just called me a whore. At my church they’d be like, oh nice outfit.

Snooki : god likes my tits, god made tits.

Jenni “JWOWW”: god didn’t make mine (talking about her fake boobs).

Snooki : You make me happy, you make me laugh, and I want to suck your butt (to Jionni).

Snooki : Me I’m the total opposite I don’t give a f*&k what people think about me. I peed my pants in public, I’m still not be embarrassed.

Ronnie: I want you to put nutella on my toes and suck them right now Jionii (talking to Snooki about her and Jionni) Snooki: well not my toes…

Pauly D : You’re the only girl I let touch my hair right (to Deena).

Pauly D : Nobody touches my hair.

Pauly D : My hair’s sacred, it’s like my sacred crown. It means a lot to me.

Deena : Pauly looks hot with his new hair style. I’d totally f@#king bang him.

Pauly D : Yo I look like them guidos on TV that are like trying too hard.

Deena : What’s your name? Pauly: I’m your new roommate Joey D.

Pauly D : Joey D, taking over Italy, Pauly D’s a clown, yeahhhh buddy.

Vinny : We are dressing like ultimate guidos right now, and no one knows more about guido tool bags then us.

Pauly D : You got your chapstick bro? (to Vinny)

Pauly D : Yo do I got enough chapstick on Louie? (to Vinny)

Pauly D : Louie, you’re gonna get all the girls.

Pauly D : I’m gonna f@#cking fist pump till my f&*king arm falls off.

Pauly D : Fist pump like this Louie.

Pauly D : Oh you hit me in the eye Louie, how many times I gotta f&*cking tell you, don’t fist pump next to my eye (to Vinny).

Pauly D : FPC, fist pump, pushups, chapstick!

Pauly D : FPC is a way of life. I’m a guido.

Jenni “JWOWW”: You are like every guy I’ve ever dated (to Pauly when dressed like a guido).

Pauly D : If I have to hear Ronnie and Sammi fight one more time, I will smash my head against the wall.

Vinny : It’s like listening to the same annoying record over and over and over (about Ron and Sam fighting).

Pauly D : Mike decided to smash his head against the wall he got sick of it so much, I’m about to do the same thing (about Ron and Sam fighting).

Mike “The Situation”: I shouldn’t have said anything to Ron, maybe I should have said it to Pauly (trying to apologize to Snooki).

Mike “The Situation”: Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut, but I still care about the girl and I tried to man up (about Snooki).

Snooki : Dude, it’s like talking to a wall with Mike, f$%king weirdo.

Mike “The Situation”: I’m so excited to go out tonight. I haven’t been out in days. It’s gonna be a situation.

Ronnie: Crazy legs comes out, and I’m killing it on the dance floor, and I eat it so hard that like I hurt my knee

Snooki : I saw you make that face… and I’m going to f$%king punch you. Don’t make that face at me (talking to a girl at the club).

Snooki : I’m just like don’t f*&k with my b$%ch. If you f%#k with Deena, I will hurt you.

Deena : Team meatballs attack.

Snooki : I’m pulling this girl’s hair and she’s pulling my hair, and I realize it’s my meatball Deena.

Vinny : Yo you fought each other idiots, you two were fighting each other (laughing at Snooki and Deena).

Vinny : That was my favorite thing, when you two started fighting each other.

Deena : Falling drunk, you know it’s like, BEEP, and then you’re bleeding, and you’re like freaking all cut up.

Deena : Elis is definitely not getting the golden ticket.

Pauly D : Poor guy struck out twice (talking about Elis and Deena).

Snooki : I blacked out, what happened?

Jenni “JWOWW”: We were about to f$#king intervene you’re a$$ (to Snooki about her and Jionni).

Snooki : You don’t do a f%$king intervention. I’m not addicted to heroin, I’m just addicted to by boyfriends penis, that’s all.