Dropping Like Flies : Season 5 Episode 3

Pauly D’s buddy, Vinny, taps out. He’s been feeling down ever since returning from Italy. After a get together with family members, he starts feeling overwhelming anxiety and decides to leave the house. Ronnie wears skinny jeans to honor Vinny, Pauly D hooks up with a tattooed chick. On Pauly’s (and Mike’s) B-day, Mike gets no love from the house members and it appears to saddened him to the point where he also leaves? Dropping Like Flies.

Pauly D : I just want to grab onto my dude and go ‘Don’t Go, Don’t Go, Don’t Leave Me.’


Pauly D : At this point, my man leaves me. I gotta go tell the rest of the household that he may not be coming back.

Jenni “JWOWW”: That was the last thing I thought was gonna happen.

Jenni “JWOWW”: Deena overreacts about everythings … Hearing that Vinny stubbed his toe, she might have cried.

Mike “The Situation”: I’m like a shopper at a store, I see something I like and it’s ‘Come with me’.

Pauly D : I would have used the grenade camera on the girl Situation brought home but I had to get this cute girl to get it in for my man Vinny.

Vinny : I had to come home. Mom: Okay. That’s good.

Vinny : I had a lot of anxiety over there, so… I had to deal with it over here, you know. It wasn’t the right environment for me to be in… it was

too much.

Mike “The Situation”: We got Situation nation coming down tonight.

Snooki : We’re not going to remember it. We’re probably gonna make out. Team Meat Balls!

Snooki : I feel like today is a perfect Meat Ball day. Let’s just get wasty pants.

Snooki : Oh my God, I’m going to get in so much trouble. Jionni’s going to kill me.

Deena : We met this awesome gay guy. You’re gay right? I love gay men. Love them! I can hang out with gay men all freaking day.

Snooki : I’m mad drunk right now. | Deena: Can you walk at all?

Deena : You know it’s bad when I’m the sober one.

Deena : Now’s it’s two meat balls on the loose and we’re completely not in the state of mind we should be.

Snooki : [regarding Aztec clubbers] We’re the f****** veterans and I’ll show you how it’s done.

Deena : At that point, once we fell, I felt there’s no coming back from this one.

Mike “The Situation”: [to Deena] Your a** is hanging out. Are you for real. What corner was you working tonight?

Snooki : Deena’s hair is f****** disgusting right now. You might as well go Britney Spears and shave it off.

Deena : It’s like fingerprints, how are you going to tell a guidette apart without her extensions?

Ronnie: In memory of Vinny, I’m rocking skinny jeans.

Pauly D : [about tattooed chick] She’s ready to go. No work involved.

Pauly D : I’m going to smash this tattooed chick in my man Vinny’s bed. In honor of my man Vinny for leaving the house.

Mike “The Situation”: I’m tired of being the bad dude, I don’t know if I can do it anymore.

Mike “The Situation”: Gym Tan Tell the truth.

Pauly D : [about tattooed chick] This girl is Vinny’s type to a T… So I smooshed her as a perfect way to honor Vinny.

Pauly D : [on the phone] How are you? | Girl: Fine | Pauly: How are the Kids? | Girl: Huh? | Pauly: Can I have a cab?

Mike “The Situation”: [to Shore Store customer] You need any help? She’s right there [points to Snooki sleeping].

Bosnian Girl: [gives number to The Situation] I want grill cheese. In the morning. No Crust.

Pauly D : [to Vinny] I smooshed a girl in your bed. She was a couger with tattoes.

Pauly D : This Bosnian chick is so persistent. This chick must want to do something.

Deena : Even though I look like a nut case, I’m really a good girl.

Pauly D : [to Bosnian girl] You can come to bed or I can call you a cab. It’s up to you.

Sammi “Sweetheart”: Pauly is about to go to bed and this poor girl looks like a lost puppy. She doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Bosnian Girl: Can we just talk in the room? | Pauly D: I’ll call the cab.

Pauly D : I have NO TIME to talk to anybody at 4 in the morning. It should be against the law to come to my house at 4 in the morning on my birthday and not give me birthday sex.

Sammi “Sweetheart”: I actually like Paula. She might be dirty, grimy, and disgusting but she’s just a nice girl.

Sammi “Sweetheart”: Who does this girl think she is .. You’re not DTF with Pauly? Really, you’re DTF with Mike? That’s absourd, that’s just


Mike “The Situation”: [about Paula] She’s like Triple A. You call her and she’s there.

Pauly D : My mother pulled together and made it happen. She brought my barber here to cut my hair for my birthday. Best gift I’ve had in my


Deena : I know I’m not the smartest crayon… [but] we can make a party.

Ronnie: The lobster the size of snookie.

Mike “The Situation”: Of course, the girls made Pauly a cake. I must be the devil in this house… Pauly’s the good guy, and it seems I’m the bad

guy a lot of the times.

Snooki : Uh, my a** is, like, protruding… Protruding. The word of the day. Use it.

Mike “The Situation”: I wear my heart on my sleeve and it hurts me to think that people don’t care.

Snooki : Dropping like flies. [Vinny left, now Mike leaves?]