Not Jersey Shore Material

We received a good number of entries of Jersey Shore fans who think they could be part of the Jersey Shore cast. Here’s a list of additional entries for “So you think you could be a Jersey Shore Cast Member?” The following entries were very short and without a picture, so we decided to put them together all in this post.


I would fit in with the JS cast because I’m not Italian & I’m not a guedette. The show needs someone who’s not all about fake tans, big hair, & Staten Island.

Genesis Sandoval

I can party hard just like Snooki and all of em’ I can drink from 10 till 6am non-stop! Bahaha I’m a true party girl!! πŸ˜€


I would fit into the jersey shore cast because I love being at the shore I’m a crazy out going person like everyone on there. And I love the shore.

Ryan Bouldry

Hi my name is Ryan Bouldry. Even though I am not Italian I should still be on the jersey shore because I am one of the best people to have fun. Even though I’m 30 I can still party like I am in my twenties because I know what it takes to be a chilled dude during the day and a blast at night. Okay so please choose me.

Christine Fabrizio

I’d fit in because I’m silly like Snooki, a mom like Jwoww, funny like Pauly D, love my big Italian family like Vinny, and nothing at all like the drama queen Mike I’m the perfect fit for everyone!!!!

Robert Tomaselli

I would fit in perfect because I am the party boy I have shirts and everything party boy 69 with in front kiss me I’m the party boy (just girls) and other one its t-shirt time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all shirts I make up and all have party boy 69 on back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the most party guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I should win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Wright

Hey guys, it’s Jesse Wright I think I would be because I’m the guy that the girls will fall in love with, I’m the guy that will make Mike’ the situation’ to Mike’ the old bully’…but seriously I will party hard work hard cause no trouble, but if trouble comes my way I’m going to f@#k s%$t up!


I would fit in for Jersey Shore because I’m completely obsessed with tanning and love getting dressed up to go out in public. I love to party and drink and have a good time and I can do the Jersey Turnpike just as well as Deena. I totally consider myself Italian even though I’m not and I know how to do the “Snooki” poof but even bigger. I would love, love, love to be on Jersey Shore!!!


I would fit it with the jersey shore cast, because I love anything that has to do with partying, I love Italian men!!! And I’m a great time!!!!! And I’m more like Jwow, when it comes to not taking crap from anyone!(:

More JS Fans

jersey shore fan
Stephanie Zhu – I Should be Miss Jersy Shore UK 2011

jersey shore fan
Diane White – Works at homegoods in Gahanna Ohio

jersey shore fan
Tasia Webb – Small Texan town holding her back

Anna – Dresses as Snooki for Halloween

jersey shore fan
Carmen Ochoa – krumpin at parties and falling all over

jersey shore fan
Jon – witty, cleaver, inventive, original

jersey shore fan
Kari Magenheim – Find her at every club

jersey shore fan
Searah Legates – I tell it how it is

Brittney – obsessed with guidos

jersey shore fan
Strict diet of chips and chili con queso

jersey shore fan
Rebekah Collick – a WEE bit hyper

jersey shore fan
Tony Capria – Confident Italian

jersey shore fan
Chelsea Poindexter – blast in a glass

jersey shore fan
Allie – Tanned and Wearing Leopard Print

Not Jersey Shore Material