Jersey Shore Expressions, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Definitions, GTL, DTF, FTD, DTF, GFA, IFF, GFF, MIA

What does GTL mean? What does DTF stand for? Jersey Shore Definitions, Expressions, Abbreviations, GTL, GFF, GFA, DTF, FTD, IFF, DTS, MIA, MVP all explained. Expressions made famous by Nicole “Snooki”, DJ Pauly D, Jenni “JWOWW”, and the rest of Jersey Shore Cast!

What does GTL mean?

Gym, Tanning, Laundry

Example: Make sure you GTL before you hit the clubs.


What does FTD stand for?

Fresh To Death

Example: You gotta stay FTD.

What does GFA mean?

Grenade Free America

Example: My dream is to live in a GFA.

What does GFF stand for?

Grenade Free Foundation

Example: Be sure to support your local GFF.

What does IFF stand for?

I’m F*cked Foundation

Example: If you cheat on your girl, in public, you’re officially in the IFF.

What does DTF stand for?

Down To F*ck

Example: I’m not looking to get married, I just want a girl who’s DTF.

What does DTS stand for?

Down To Snuggle

Example: Some nights I’m DTS.. even if she’s a grenade.

What does MIA stand for?

Miami, FL

What does MVP stand for?

Mike, Vinny, Pauly

Example: Tonight’s gonna be an MVP night.

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81 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Expressions, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Definitions, GTL, DTF, FTD, DTF, GFA, IFF, GFF, MIA”

  1. Well Im A Huge Fan Of JERSEY SHORE
    I F****** Love Pauly D.
    Sammy And Rony Make A Kewl Couple
    Jwoww Ur Bfs So Fine
    Vinny Is FTD
    Snooki Is A F***** Ho* And Prego Whos The Daddy Do U Even Know U F***** Sl** F******* Meggit
    Deena Is OK
    Mike Is So F****** Fine

  2. Eventhough mike can be a real pr**k, it wouldn’t be jersey shore without him. And sam and Ron, I hope they stay together because the show wouldn’t be the same. And WHAT THE ACTUAL FU*K. Snookie needs to drop the baby, she is NOT a mother. #JERZATHON all weekend. Feel like im at the beach(:

  3. im ftd and dtf!!!!!
    yeahhh buudddyy!!!:p
    if she still sleeps with a night light shes to young for you bro. if she has coloring books instead of magizeans shes to young for you bro. if she thinks kingkong is a comidy sheess to young for you bro!!!
    fpc and gtl for ever!!!! fistpump and ron ron juice!!!! totaly love jersey shore its alsome!!!:) and the hatters yahh can kiss my shiny metal a**!!!!!lol:)

  4. GFZ … Grenade free zone. I cant put that girl on my facebook its a GFZ she will mess up the ratio.

  5. even though im 11 year old boy who loves jersey shore!!!! whoohoo also think that mike’s a **** SomeTimes pauly d your awsome so r the rest of cast i also wanna visit the SMUSH room with snookie im also GTL

  6. I think JWOW n Snookies show is awesome very funny nd entertaining definantly better than the pauly d project that was boring although pauly is still a fine guy id rather watch snookie n jwoww all day..the apt decorating episode was hilarious

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