Jersey Shore Season 4 Official Cast Photo

With less than a month until the August 4 premiere, MTV has released the official season 4 cast photo of the Jersey Shore cast!

In the above shot, the cast is all glammed-up for a late-night run through the streets of Florence, Italy where they filmed the fourth season from May to June.


As reported, the cast only got a one week break before they began filming the fifth season back in Seaside Heights, New Jersey late last month. The new season will debut Aug. 4 on MTV at 10/9c.

Renaissance Art given Jersey Shore Makeover

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was given a pair of diamante encrusted sunglasses, similar to those favoured by Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, the diminutive star of the reality show which chronicles the lives of a group of party-loving, heavy-drinking New Jersey natives.


Other works that feature in the preview of the next season include Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel, which has been altered to show God and Adam bumping fists.

Another is Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, in which Venus has been dressed in some furry boots and a knock-off designer handbag, featuring a voice over asking, “How do you say sl*t in Italian? Because I’m not that.”

Old Blog Posts

Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere Date!

Mark it down!  Jersey Shore Season 2 Premieres July 29th @ 10pm ET.  You can catch the first 10 minutes of Season Two before the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6th.

Season 2 filming locations: Jersey Shore –> Miami –> Jersey Shore!

Vince Vaughn & friends recently dropped $2,500 to stay one night in the now-famous Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, NJ.


JWOWW’s Boyfriend Pops the Question – Jenni Says YES

OR NOT: GossipCop reports they are NOT engaged… story HERE

Rumor from HollywoodLife: Good old Tommy is now JWOWW’s fiancé, it’s official.  She may have cheated on him with Pauly D, but that didn’t deter her manager (yes, Tommy’s her manager) from getting on one knee.  No wedding date has been announced… we’ll have to see if Jersey Shore Season 2 has any JWOWW cheating moments that changes Tommy’s mind.

President Obama’s Jersey Shore Joke

Barack Obama rocked the room during the recent White house Correspondents’ Dinner.  It mustn’t have been too difficult to be the funniest guy in the room when the host of the shindig was Jay Leno.

Here was the Jersey Shore joke:

“This next provision is called the Jersey Shore-Up. It reads: ‘The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill.’ Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation, and House Minority Leader John Boehner.”

See video HERE

Dr. Drew talks Jersey Shore

Always looking for the spotlight, Dr. Drew Pinsky has gone out on a limb saying the Jersey Shore cast may need some therapy.  This guy is now making a living out of exploiting celebs… leave our JS crew alone! Story with video HERE

Do you think Dr. Drew should STFU?

Snooki feels the love in Miami, FIGHT!

When the Jersey Shore crew was hanging out at the Ocean’s 10 bar in Miami recently, Snooki fell into her old habits.  Nicole was seen throwing a drink and slapping a man.  Soon after that she got hit with a drink in retaliation.  It was all caught by the MTV cameras.  Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of this during Season 2 since everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.  When the MTV producers yell “ACTION!” we’ll be seeing people force themselves into the shots & storylines.

JWOWW, Angelina Bikini Pics, Snooki Kisses Mike

JWOWW, Angelina & Snooki were seen hitting the beach in South Beach while filming Jersey Shore Season 2.  See all the pictures HERE.

Snooki Dumps Her Guido Leech, Emilo Masella

Nicole has finally dropped the hanger-on that was using her to capture some side-fame.  NY Daily News has the story HERE

Bar Refaeli Photos with Jersey Shore Guidos

– The men of Jersey Shore (The Situation, Vinny, Ronnie & Pauly D) recently did a photo shoot with model/ex-Leonardo DiCaprio girl Bar Refaeli.  You can see the pics HERE