Jersey Shore Cast Members in Legal Trouble

Snooki’s pregnancy wasn’t the only headline while filming Season 6 of MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore. Add to that the legal trouble a few of the roommates are facing:

Deena – arrested for disorderly conduct for dancing in the road and slapping cars in Seaside Heights.

Ronnie – charged with assault for a scuffle at the Bamboo Bar earlier this month.

The Unit (Sitch’s Friend) – charged with attempting to bring drugs into the shore house.

Season 6 is going to be AWESOME!!


Source: Huffington Post

Revealing Pictures of Snooki Released

She’s not shy, or even afraid to flash her body in public, but even these photos may leave Snooki a little embarrassed! Photos of what appear to be the Jersey Shore star stripping off a night robe have been making their way around the internet.

“Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not mean for the public,” Snooki’s rep told E! News. “It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.”

The photo’s first appeared on The Daily Mail.

JWOWW Makes the Maxim Cut

JWOWW came in at #74th on Maxim’s “2012 Hot 100 List”. The Jersey Shore reality star was featured on the front cover of Maxim in late 2011 and obviously got noticed. One BIG reason the foxy star was featured on the cover in 2011 and made the list this year may be her enormous, over-flowing, irresistible, perfectly tanned… personality!

Give it up for the reality stars big accomplishment and check out her sexy photos featured in Maxim

We Are Family – Season 5 Episode 11 (Finale)

The Summer is over at Seaside Heights!! The house is inside out (literally), the girls try to prank the boys but it ends up backfiring, and Mike is starting problems with Deena over her sister and his brother hooking up… perfect ending to another great season! Family will always be family. Until next time…

Pauly D : Three, two, one, and cue the scream…

Pauly D : I wonder what the poor people are doing?

Pauly D : Mike looks even dumber than he normally looks.

Pauly D : Mike looks even dumber than he normally looks.

Pauly D : We are prank war champions!

Pauly D : My man Mike can dish but he can’t freaking take it… it’s sad.

Snooki : Mike’s nickname should be changed from “The Situation” to “Bitchuation”

Deena : Oh my god, if they get married or something, I’m gonna be part of Mike’s family… What the hell!

Deena : So I got the lady’s on blast, I call this one devil and this one angel.

Pauly D : Holy boobs!

Pauly D : Yo, that t-shirt’s screaming, “I don’t fit you” (to Vinny).

Vinny : I’m always intrigued to talk to lesbians, you know, we share a common interest in these girls.

Pauly D : Two lesbians is the holy grail of hooking up.

Vinny : It’s not everyday that two lesbians want to have a threesome with you, and I’m getting denied the smush room.

Ronnie: Bro, I’m doing you a favor, did you look at these girls, did you look at their faces, one of them looks like Mathew McConaughey.

Pauly D : My man Vinny is about to do the impossible, he’s gonna try to turn these two lesbians straight.

Pauly D : This isn’t gonna be an easy smush, call the cabs when you’re done. It’s gonna take a lot of work, and he’s not gonna get any sleep.

Vinny : This is the moment where heroes are made. They write history books about this s$#t.

Vinny : I’ve been at some really low points this summer. But I just f#$ked two lesbians, life is great.

Vinny : It’s like something on my bucket list to do… well my f#$kit list.

Deena : Do we have like a hurricane shelter?

Pauly D : I don’t want to get lightning in my hair.

Deena : You almost got strucken!

Deena : Oh my god that’s a tornado whistle.

Deena : I’m taking cover. I saw the wizard of oz, I don’t want to be like Dorothy, up swinging all over the freaking sky with my dog and stuff.

Pauly D : I ain’t even mad that the cabs are here and no one cares! I ain’t even mad!

Deena : Karma’s out of control, it’s like burmp burmp burmpadur.

Mike “The Situation”: I may even spend holidays with Deena. Image that holiday conversation.

Pauly D : It’s like Ronnie’s car on a Friday night (talking about the house being filled with smoke).

Mike “The Situation”: I’m gonna miss wine bottles being thrown at my head. Pauly: I’m gonna miss wine bottles being thrown at your head too.

Pauly D : I had to get my b!t#h back (about Vinny).

Mike “The Situation”: Yeah, of course this is Sammi’s favorite summer. This is the first summer she’s not fighting with Ron every single second.

Pauly D : Once again, the plan for the girls to prank us backfired. They should just stop before they really get hurt.

Vinny : Yo let’s leave here there until next summer (about Deena in the jacuzzi).

Pauly D : It’s my last day here and everybody’s sleeping, so I gotta do my thing and wake this house up.

Jenni “JWOWW”: One thing I will never miss in this house is waking up to Pauly’s “Oh yeah wake up yeah s&$t.”

Vinny : Sam and Rons gone so we got the smush room back.

Vinny : This is you babe, I don’t know how this is gonna fit. Vinny: That’s what she said.

Mike “The Situation”: What I’ve been dying to know for the last three summers is, are Jenni’s boobs real?

Snooki : Bye smush, bye STDs.

Snooki : Up, there’s a piss stain.

One Meatball Stands Alone – Season 5 Episode 10

Mike told Jionni… and… nothing. Jionni is very trusting of his now soon-to-be wife. Although Jionni brushed it off, Snooki didn’t! She exploded and a full on food fight erupted. Could it be guilty anger?? Mike isn’t Snooki’s only relationship on the rocks. Deena seems to have been pushed to the side now that Jionni is in the picture and Deena is starting to feel the pain of rejection. Oh yeah, and how could we forget, while most of the roommates went camping, Pauly and Vinny stayed behind.. and FLIPPED THE HOUSE INSIDE OUT!!

Mike “The Situation”: Another man tells you that your girl cheated on you, and you don’t say nothing at all.

Jionni: Did I rise? Snooki: Did you? (feeling Jionni)

Ronnie: It’s like, how you doing, Jionni, this morning? Bacon, egg, and cheese? Your girl blew me… ok awesome. (about Mike)

Snooki : Actually no because I want you to go f#$king die and rot in a hole. Mike: That’s not very nice Nicole.

Mike “The Situation”: Don’t throw those pickles, they’re fresh. (to Snooki)

Pauly D : In Jionni’s head right now, he won’t say this because he’s a pu$$y, but, ‘I don’t give a $h!t who she bangs I’m banging everybody on my side anyway’.

Mike “The Situation”: They’re meant to be, he took it on the chin just like she did.

Snooki : Me and Jionni are getting married I feel, when he proposes. And I don’t know when that is but he better do it within the future.

Snooki : Ok it’s on like Donkey Kong b!$ch.

Vinny : The food fight is not fun anymore, it is personal.

Pauly D : Watch my freshies, watch my freshies (as he lays on his shoes).

Mike “The Situation”: Listen, I can’t hear you your mouth is full of s$!t kinda like another time.

Vinny : All the sudden my name gets brought into the conversation… Like what th f#$k did we do?

Snooki : I feel like I still smell like ketchup.

Snooki : A bonjo. Deena: Yeah like a banjo. Snooki: A bango.

Pauly D : Sometimes you gotta put sleeping aside bro, get your GTL on.

Vinny : Deena, sit down here you little b!$ch.

Vinny : That’s right, you ask him, then he asks me, then I tell you.


Pauly D : Busted, big time, you’re dead (when Jenni’s on the phone with Joey).

Pauly D : My man Vinny um felt hungry, and wanted a big snack. Because he wanted a little bit of a thicker chick I guess. I wanted to back up my man, so I brought home two chicks just in case.

Vinny : I choose to stick with the thick girl over the cute girl that Pauly brings home because hot girls are boring a lot of the times. They sit there, ‘I’m hot I don’t have to do anything’, I want some variety in my diet.

Pauly D : I’m not into the whole, sleeping outside, no bathroom, no mirror, can’t do my blowout.

Pauly D : Me and Vinny just wanted the house to ourselves, because we’re gonna prank the s@#t outta them.

Ronnie: You got some uh, camping tents?

Mike “The Situation”: It takes a lot to pitch my tent.

Ronnie: Mike’s tent is immaculate, I can’t believe he has the brain span to actually build a good tent.

Ronnie: I’m from the Bronx, ok. The closest thing I see to people camping out side are homeless people.

Pauly D : This kiddy pool is no joke, but, team work makes the dream work.

Pauly D : Not bad for a DJ and a couple of t-shirt pressers.

Deena : Mike put down the freaking fire. He’s like one of those people, a hermaphrodite or whatever it is.

Jenni “JWOWW”: Are you in your paranoid state Mike?

Mike “The Situation”: I keep hearing noises. Jenni: Because we’re in the woods. Mike: That’s true.

Mike “The Situation”: There is no gym, there is no tanning salon, and you can’t do your laundry (about camping).

Pauly D : We changed the whole house inside out. We put the inside outside, the outside inside, the inside outside, the outside inside, so now our inside deck is now our outside deck and our outside deck is now our inside deck . Basically, we pranked the whole house. I told them not to go camping.

Vinny : This is where warriors are made of right here.

Snooki’s Naming Her Baby WHAT??

Snooki finally announced that she is pregnant on Wednesday, and her and her baby daddy (Jionni LaValle) have already decided on a name for their baby, well… a ‘Jersey Shore’ nickname that is!

On Wednesday, Jionni tweeted about the pregnancy and revealed the nickname of the soon to be mini-meatball, “Sorry about that wait but glad everyone’s happy!! Nicole and I are real excited!! Our baby is going to be #ShortnTan.”

So there you have it. In just 9 short months, a new cast member will be joining the roommates at Seaside Heights… ShortnTan!

Good luck world!


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